Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rule of Thumb: The Kindergarten Teacher Doesn't Email With Good News

This correspondence just in:


FYI, [FYO] decided to cut her tights today during art, not really sure why. I told her they were expensive and that maybe she would have to buy her next pair on her own. a little fear never hurt anyone.

[Kindergarten Teacher]

Thanks for letting us know! Wow. How did she explain it to you? I mean, what did she say she was doing?

I wonder if she's still acting out because of [ZeYo]?

In any case, we are starting to employ the use of "Grandma's money" (the little $1 gifts she gets in cards from grandma) when she breaks something that is not hers. Especially if it seems purposeful.

Thanks again,



I actually caught her in the act, red handed if you will. So I just asked her what she was doing and she told me. It did seem really weird though, and she didn't understand that they cost money. But I can tell you now that she knows that they are not cheap!


kiles1670 said...

Goodness your young lady is hitting the rebel years early :-)
Or was she making a new fashion statement.

giddings said...

From the Horse's mouth:

"I wanted to see how it would look!"