Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Three Girls and a Toy-Toy

When Cousin and I were little, we renamed the standard male and female parts with more, um, personally-suitable nouns.

In a move that would turn out to be particularly ironic in my case, the male parts were named "Toy-Toy".

The Toy-Toy is some new equipment in our household and has taken, now, three weeks and 4 days for us to become somewhat accustomed.

Because I am a bit of a data head, I have keept track of such things as, for example, the fact that we have had six "open air leaks." This means, that while changing the young sir, he has peed all over us and everything around us at the time.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE the "toy-toy" idea. Our two-year old is loving to say "bottom"--and I've taken to calling his toy-toy a "front bottom." All the better to teach him directional words like "front" and "back."

Cousin said...

Instead of those pee-pee tee-pees they have on the market, we could have toy-toy tee-pees.

lisa said...

Little tip - as soon as the air hits that toy-toy it stimulates them to wee..that's my theory anyway...i always took the nappy off but not away, kept it right there ready to patch the leak that so often happened. I'm enjoying reading your blog.