Friday, May 26, 2006

More on the Name Game

We're watching our friend's four-year-old girl this weekend while they enjoy the Big Apple.

She is lovely and, despite never having had a sleepover before, she's doing just fantastic.

She regularly, however, has been calling her parents by their first names to us. BioMom told them about it on the phone last night and they said that they very much preferred that she did not do that, and they often discourage her from doing so.

I wondered if kids of GLBT parents refer to their parents by their first names while they are in the company of others in order to be clear as to whom they are referring.

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Pixie said...

It could be... That certainly sounds reasonable. I have some good friends (2 women) who have 12 year old twin daughters...sometimes when the girls talk about "MOM" I am not sure which one they mean... They USED to say Mommy and Mama...guess they are too hip for that now!!!!
I'm Lissa- Delurking finally- I love your blog!