Saturday, August 26, 2006

Forbes: On Not Marrying Career Women

Damn. I wish I would have read this BEFORE marriage.

Oh, yeah. I can't get married.

Oh yeah. I NEEDED to marry a "career girl" since I'm an academic and don't earn enough money to buy a house AND pay off my grad school loans.

Check out the original Forbes article, the Gawker's CliffsNotes and the counterpoint posted by a friend of mine's office.

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Mary said...

I laughed so hard when I read this article at Forbes that I nearly choked to death!

Then, naturally, sent it on to my husband, who also laughed.

Then sent it to my mom, with a thank you note for all those times she told me to be sure I had a good job and did not need to depend on a man, thus freeing me up to marry a wonderful man instead of a paycheck!