Saturday, August 19, 2006

Too Much To Say

I've been a negligent blogger lately.

Just too much going on, I can't complain though.

BioMom turned 40 a few days ago and we awoke to find 40 flamingos in the front yard.

I received a negative review from a second rate journal for the fourth time on a paper that I started seriously working on in 2001.

Sometimes I wish that I had a job in which I saw projects from start-to-finish within a period of a few days.

One of the critiques was that I did not have a clear intuitive explanation for one the statistics that I was producing.

Unfortunately, I was unaware of a clear intuitive explanation. I contacted the author of said statistic and recevied the following comment from him:

Hi [Blogauthor],

You are right. [Coauthor] and I could not come up with a clear intuitive
explanation like the one for the Dissimilarity index which shows the
proportion of one of the groups that would have to shift to make the index
show perfect integration. But, in fairness, I'm not sure that the S index,
or the other indexes have a neat summary intuitive explanation either.

Too bad I can't forward this email to the anonymous reviewer.

My coauthor and I promptly readdressed the paper and sent it to a different journal.

Oh, and Big grew two top teeth. Painfully, loudly, sleeplessly, they stretched their way into his gums.


The Lost Camel said...

I am totally out of my mind envious!

I so love flamingos but every time I buy some my kids remove them from the yard (which can't even be seen from the road) and lecture me on the tackiness of Plastic Pink Flamingos.

I so would decorate my bedroom and master bath in Pink Flamingo Decor but I have been told that my Interior Designer daughter and son-in-law would have STROKES if I went through with it.

Congrats on Big's teeth.

Marg said...

Happy Birthday!

Your picture reminded me of my days working in a party shop (before ascending to acadmic glory!). I was the one who went to people's houses in the middle of the night and put out those flamingos (and other exciting lawn ornaments). It was really cool, but I was always worried I was going to get mistaken for a burgler and shot as I skulked around a yard at two in the morning.

My boyfriend convinced me that having my hands full of flamingos and driving a Party Town van would probably convince a police officer I was truly not a criminal.

Good luck on the teething!