Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fat Tuesday

So BioMom and I's votes officially canceled out tonight.

Unfortunately, due to a school board meeting and other sundry affairs, we couldn't hash out our differences over a bottle of wine, as our neighbors did tonight, and head into the caucuses united.

The caucus experience (my first in Minnesota) was bizarre. I literally walked in, stood in a huge line for a while until a woman came around with what seemed like a piece of notebook paper in one hand and a pile of little ripped pieces of notebook paper in the other, told me and the people around me to fill out our names and addresses on the big piece, after which we could have one of the little piece of paper, on which we'd write our presidential candidate preference, and file down into an auditorium where we could (literally) put it in a plastic trash can with all of the other votes.

It felt like I was voting for the prom queen in high school.*

*Hats off to Cousin for the analogy.


Anonymous said...

We need more "cousin" commentary/input in here since I never talk to her anymore since she is now WEST. :)

giddings said...

Cousin??? Are you out there?? Your "public" speaks!!!