Saturday, February 02, 2008

An Argument for Obama

Dear [Blogauthor],

I hope Groundhog Day finds you with a note of spring in your life!
I'm writing because on Tuesday we'll have an important chance to bring some new life to our country by voting for Barack Obama in the presidential primary.

I've been supporting Sen. Obama's campaign since last summer for many
reasons: his early opposition to the war, his history as a community organizer focused on the needs of real people, and his stands on many important issues like the environment, our economy, and health care.
He shares my priorities and values.

Just as importantly, his ability to inspire people to hope for real change has energized a growing movement. I've heard that note of hope and engagement in my friends and students, and I've felt it myself!
And that's what we need to move us past partisan gridlock to get good ideas and important changes into law and practice.

As a lesbian, I am especially moved and impressed by the fact that Sen. Obama has been the biggest and best advocate for LGBT issues that we've ever had in a presidential candidate. He's taken a strong stand on our issues: he's pro-ENDA, wants to end Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell and repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, and supports giving same-sex couples rights at the federal level, among other important positions.

Obama's appeal to LGBT people isn't lip service to a group of voters whose votes he needs – Obama walks his talk to our community! Barack Obama has brought the message of LGBT equality and resistance to homophobia to general audiences around the country -- from a major address at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta and meetings with evangelical ministers in Tennessee to speeches and debates before thousands upon thousands of people in Denver and San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, Springfield, Illinois and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

I can't convey in words how moving it is to hear a presidential candidate stand up for LGBT people in this unprecedented way. Please see for yourself in these video clips of Obama speeches:

At Ebenezer Baptist Church (especially at 9 min 4 sec -- 13 min 19 sec):

Accepting the historic endorsements of Senator Edward Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy (esp. 9 min -- 10 min 30 sec)

In "Countdown to Change" speeches around the country (esp. 8 min 10 sec -- 10 min):

There's more in the Obama Pride document I've attached.

I strongly urge you to vote for Barack Obama on Tuesday and to convince your friends, neighbors, and families to vote for him, too!
Please pass the word along to everyone you know.

Barack Obama is the best candidate for LGBT people and for every American.


M. V. Lee Badgett, Ph.D.
Cell: (310) 904-9761


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you are changing your mind?

giddings said...

Damn. I'm caucusing tomorrow and remain undecided. Check out this article on Obama from yesterday's New York Times:

giddings said...

Let me resend that link:

In sum: they're all politicians and they're all in bed with the naughties.