Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Stuff Lesbians Like: #1: The L Word

The blog, Stuff White People Like has been promoted in various venues lately and because a) the venues are themselves Stuff that White People Like and because b) the blog basically describes me, I noticed it.

It is actually very funny and self-depricating. . . And has motivated me to start a new thread: Stuff Lesbians Like!

And, please let me welcome others to join in on the thread with their own missives about typical (read: STEREOtypical, Lesbian Life).

There is quite a bit of overlap between Stuff White People Like and Stuff Lesbians Like, however, I suspect that the things that the two groups both enjoy (to the extent that the two groups are in fact distinct), are enjoyed for different reasons.

For example, check out #88 Having Gay Friends or, #91: San Francisco

In this Thread, I'll focus on either distinct categories of Stuff Lesbians Like and/or the overlap between Stuff White People Like and Stuff Lesbians Like but for different reasons.

This entry focuses on #1: The L-Word.

Lesbos can't get enough of this Showtime drama, which just completed its fifth season.

The drama, created and produced by Ilene Chaiken (another thing Lesbians Like), is set in Los Angeles starring a gorgeous cast of mostly straight actors playing mainly wealthy femme characters (with a few notable exceptions including one very sexy, quite masculine-looking woman who is currently transitioning from "Moira" to "Max") with high-powered careers, and smokin' hot sex lives. Big-name cameos on the show (who have gone on to larger characters) have included Cybill Shepherd, Rosanna Arquette, and Marlee Matlin.

The irony about the popularity of this show is that it is, ultimately, not very good and the characters are fairly one-dimensional caricatures of somewhat self-destructive lesbians we've all known (and loved), if not been at one time, ourselves. I literally don't know a lesbian that doesn't wait with bated breath for a season to either a) start or b) come out on Netflix. And, alternatively, I don't know a straight person who has watched all five seasons.

The phenomenon of the L-Word may just be a function of not having enough television or movie options with lesbian themes from which to choose.

As a measure of how much lesbians like the L Word, check out its Wikipedia Page, the official Fan Site, a Fan Blog,


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Stuff Lesbians Like: Threatening to Cancel Showtime


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