Friday, April 11, 2008

Stuff White People Like for their Kids

Okay, here's another spinoff to which all of you need to contribute.

Let me start by saying that I do think that there are various motivations for some of the Stuff White People Like For Their Kids, but my contributions will focus mainly on the level of bourgeois-ness of the item (Cousin, for example, claims to prefer They Might Be Giants not for the *cool-factor* because she hates Raffi. So be it. I will vouch for her that she's cool enough on her own to not need cool crap for her kids). My justification for the TMBG video podcasts is thatI personally can't stand when a bunch of old white guys dance around a video that purports to be for kids. For example, my imagination is definitely not moved watching these guys act like fools on a stage. And while Dan Zanes completely rocks the house, I could do without him in the videos. Let's face it, it just seems a bit self-indulgent (or worse!), to say the least, for anyone over the age of, say 15 to be IN a video for toddlers.

Let me also preface this by noting that it is in alignment with both the original Stuff People Like and (I think) the various spinoffs I've read in that it is quite self-deprecating.

Here's my Starter List for us:
1. Writing corny stories on blogs about the everyday minutia of their kids. Why not just write a diary? Why does it have to be public? If you say its for Grandma, I don't believe you. See, for example, the Irregular Monthly Newsletters on this blog when referring to your child in terms of 'months' past the magic number of 24 is simply preposterous.

2. They Might Be Giants Friday Family Video Podcast

3. Caring about every morsel that goes into our kids' mouths until they head off to school where we freak out and lose control entirely.

4. White People's Worries About Their Kids #1: Is Chocolate Milk the Devil?

5. White People's Worries About Their Kids #2: How much (if any) television?

And from Reader Moira:
6.Robeez My favorite about this Website is that it claims the shoes are the "absolute best shoes for healthy foot development."

7. Baby Style . No need to discuss.

8. Organic Cotton. Note the side benefit here is that the products made from organic cotton will not only be safe for our kids' ingestion (?) but that the cotton is also sustainable! A double whammy!


MaMaMia said...

Ha! This is awesome--and you totally busted me--I was in the middle of a post about Max!! I love it!

giddings said...

Hee hee! Me too! Not about Max though... :-)