Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stuff Lesbians Like #6: Blogs about Stuff Lesbians Like

Or maybe not.

It looks like I may have ruffled a few bloggers over at the original Stuff Lesbians Like blog.

My apologies.

The copy-cat site (from Stuff White People Like) was too attractive to me to ignore as I so enjoy making fun of my own and I didn't do a Google search for other sites before my first post. Alas.

To all those readers out there (all 5 of you!) know that I defer to Grace on the Spot as the Purveyor of Knowledge of All Things Lesbian and that my contributions here are simply in the spirit of having fun.


hw said...

As reader #6, I really like your series of posts. Thoroughly enjoyable and comical. I totally identified with the one about shoes. I wear heels all week. Nice, femme, heels from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays I wear Privo shoes and openly call them my lesbian footwear.

giddings said...

Thanks HW! I'm just havin' fun!

vikki said...

I've enjoyed your series too. And, I say that having previously read Grace the Spot.