Friday, July 02, 2010

European Vacation Travelogue: Day 8, Dublin and the West Coast or Bust!

After walking to a bus stop and gratefully handing my brother seven Euros to take the bus to the airport rather than having me spend two or three precious hours navigating the roads of Dublin, we headed down to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells.

We were all interested, the kids in particular after having seen the movie The Secret of Kells, and it was fascinating. We had little time (due to the short attention span of some members of the group) but what I saw was amazing and deserved several hours of consideration.

It also happened to be the Bloomsday celebration in Dublin!

Afterwards we headed Westward to Galway where a small beach resort (Salt Hill), a nice hotel and a sandy beach (with 50 degree saltwater) awaited. We stayed at this great beachside resort, right next to a cheesy little amusement park. It was clearly a getaway place for Dubliners because there were families there galore with kids running around in swimsuits, taking advantage of the great buffet breakfast with mini chocolate croissants and unlimited cereal. It was lovely. As usual we partook in beers and roomservice, catching a bit of the World Cup wherever we could.

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