Saturday, July 03, 2010

This Camp Would Suck Without This Song

Here's a short hiatus from the description of our travels, to give you a brief update of our summer life.

So BioMom and I discovered that we are total nerds when it comes to pop music.

This past week Ten was in a little camp devoted to kids music and dance and the theme was Glee.

Riding home on the first day she started singing lyrics that harkened back to seventh grade mixers: ". . . livin' in a lonely world. . . He took the midnight train goin' an-ny-where!" and "Can't you see me here, I've got my back against the record machine.. . . I ain't the worst that you've seen, can't you see what I mean?"

I kinda blew her away downloading the real songs instantly for us to enjoy.

Well, probably not "blew" away since she's known digital music since birth and has never had to go to a record store to purchase an "album".

Anyway, then we got to the last song: "My life would suck without you" by Kelly Clarkson.

Me: Did you just say "suck"?

Ten: Yes.

Ten: Mom knows this song, it's okay.

Me to BioMom: Did you know they are singing "My life would suck without you?" in that camp?

BioMom a few days later in the car to camp, to Ten: You know that Grandma and Grandma are going to your show, right?

Ten: Really! Great!!

BioMom: I hope they don't hear that song with "suck" in it!

Ten: Really? Why?

BioMom: Well, I'm kind of embarrassed. "Suck" isn't strictly speaking a cuss word, but it is not a particularly nice word, and is certainly not a good word for kids to be saying. And I am sure that Grandma and Grandpa will think so too.

Ten: Well it's a song on the radio and it goes with the show. I think it's fine.

So that's that. Are we nerds or is it all just fine? I get it why Kelly Clarkson would sing the song, sort of. It definitely gets attention, even if it is not one of her best songs. I'm sure parents all over cringe upon hearing their kids scream "SUCK!" while singing along. Nothing like creating a song that kids will purchase simply for the rebellion factor.

I get that, and it is kinda funny.

I also get the rebellion factor itself.

That's funny too.

But the camp using the song? It WAS on Glee, but Glee isn't exactly for kids. Did they HAVE to use the exact same songs? Could they have exercised some creative license?

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