Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Coming and Going

BioMom and I's THING is family dinner.

We're pretty old school about it. Its the primary time we use to socialize the FYO, teach her to be polite and eat in a civilized manner, share the day's stories, and eat a good meal.

Of course, the FYO would rather take a bite, run around, return, take another bite, go play etc. etc. drawing out the meal for several hours, talking with her mouth full, spilling foodstuffs around the room, avoiding all vegetables as well as any substantive conversation.

Except, of course, when it comes to dessert. She's THERE for dessert. Focused and attentive.

We call this "come-and-go eating".

And it is not allowed (at least at dinnertime) even if we are eating outside on the deck.

Last night BioMom was at bookclub and HFRM#1 was over for some Indian. At one point, the crafty FYO said:

Can I come and go so you can visit with your friend?

I was nearly fooled by this cunning manoever. Of course I would have liked to put a brief moratorium on polite eating in exchange for some adult conversation time!

Fortunately, she was nearly finished, so, at least for a night, her suggestion was accepted!

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