Sunday, July 10, 2005

Good Vibrations

All the pregnancy books are telling us that the baby can hear loud noises. This is good since I've been trying to talk to it nightly since day one. I lean over onto BioMom's belly and basically use it as a microphone.

YO Baby! What's up? We're watching SNL now. You'll LOVE it!

It is a little active at night but nothing that I can feel. BioMom feels some "fluttery" action but I don't trust her description since that is EXACTLY how all the books describe it.

But what does it FEEL like?


No. Describe it MORE. That's the adjective all the books use!! What EXACTLY does it FEEL like?

It FEELS like little flutteries in my stomach! What else can I say? They describe it PERFECTLY!

Last night we went to the Bascilica Block Party with FO4 and MO4 to hear Carbon Leaf. Even though BioMom couldn't imbibe in alcoholic delights like the rest of us, I bet -6MO had a good time listening to the deep vibrations of the 20 foot speakers.

Hopefully between Tina Fey and songs like Grey Sky Eyes, this kid'll be cool.

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