Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sex Speculation

We aren't going to find out the sex of the baby, so everyone is speculating and sending us all of the sure-fire, urban legend sex predictors available.

If you know any, we welcome them!

When Cousin was carrying her first, she travelled to Los Angeles for a conference. While walking through LAX, out of nowhere a woman, now embelleshed with the lense of retrospect as a beveiled Roma fortune-teller, hunched over after having long ago given over to the degeneration of osteoporosis said to her:

Your baby is boy.

I picture Cousin herded away in slow motion with the crowd, glancing back in ernest at the woman as she slowly grasped the implications of the woman's statement.

I have a feeling that our baby, too, is boy.

We have a short tape of its heartbeat on BioMom's dictaphone. It sounds suprisingly relaxed. Like Lance Armstrong's 30 resting beats per minute. I expected a quick whoosh whoosh whoosh but this kid's heart pumps out at only about 100 beats per minute.

Legend has it that slow heart beats live in babies with penises.


Anonymous said...

I work in part on the history of reproduction in colonial india, and have read a number of guides to pregnancy in Hindi. All of them say rather conclusively that if the pregnant woman desires foods that are gendered male (hindi nouns are gendered -- aka like mango, banana, coconut, karela and parval are all male) then it is boy and vice versa. There are other indications: "In the second month, if it’s a boy, it appears like a lump. The pregnant woman’s right eye appears a bit bigger and milk can be seen first in the right breast."
- if the thigh grows heavy and begins to turn a blackish colour then it is a girl

Anonymous said...

Have you done the pencil test?

giddings said...

What's the pencil test?

Anonymous said...

The pencil test should tell you, in order, the sex of a particular woman's child(ren).

Supplies needed: old fashioned pencil with a decent eraser, sewing needle, a little thread(6-8 inches).

Directions: thread needle, knot thread, stick needle into eraser.
To do the test: assistant holds knot in thread so pencil is dangling over pregnant's wrist(palm side up). Pencil should come to a stop. After a bit of time(you might have to be patient) the pencil should start either swaying back and forth or swinging in a circular motion. The pencil should then come to a stop and will begin again to predict next child's sex, and so on.

Myth: If pencil swings in circular motion, sex is girl; if pencil sways back and forth in linear motion, sex is boy. Some people also say that this test will predict miscarriages(how? not exactly sure, but I think the pencil starts to move, but comes to a stop before it tells you what sex it would have been).

I know a lot of people who have done this and it has been right. . .my first(and only child at this point) was predicted correctly using this silly method. . .

Have fun, and let us know your results!!

Anonymous said...

ok so mine said boy and then the pencil went diagonal. then a girl boy girl. i was told when it swings in that motion its twins. so does anyone know if its twin boy and girl or twins boys or am I having 4 or 5 kids?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've heard every circle is a birth...then if it swings up down up down it's a boy and if it swings side to side it's a far it predicted all of mine right that way...