Friday, July 08, 2005

Dr.'s Appt #3

Life is good.

We heard the heartbeat again today and it is really starting to feel REAL. The doctor measured BioMom's belly, verifying that it is a single (!) and not twins, let us hear the heartbeat and just let us ask questions.

We're not doing any of the standard tests. That is, no "quad test", no "amnio" and now, we're considering having a Level I ultrasound rather than a Level II (although we're unclear on exactly what the difference is. We just want some good pictures. FO4 adn MO4 have a great picture of 4of4's hand in the womb!). When first considering the various tests, we were adamant against the amnio. So, the doctor asked -- what if the results of the quad test tell you that you have a 1 in 10 chance of downs? What will you do then? If you don't have an amnio at that point, it will ruin the rest of your pregnancy.

That was all we needed.

Now, as I told a friend from college, for all we know the little person in there is a retarded, downs syndrom hermaphoridte.

And, as she told me: it'll be yours!!

Definitely ours!

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giddings said...

Note that I'm not the only blogger to use the non-PC term "retarded"!

Dooce has published about the act of eating "retard sandwiches"!