Wednesday, August 17, 2005

23 Weeks

BioMom is in her 23rd week of pregnancy.

Your baby is now 11 inches from head to toe or about 20cm crown to rump and hovering around the one pound (500g) mark. Your baby's lungs have begun to develop surfactant, a substance that will help his or her lungs to expand after birth. The fingernails are now completely formed.

It is all going too fast now. I am wanting each day to go slower. I can't believe we almost have only three months left.

Of course, BioMom isn't quite as comfortable. It is all about comfort now for her.

Since its her second pregnancy, she is feeling it much more in her joints and ligaments. And she feels the heat faster than I do.

Last night I made her the perfect brownie sundae. She usually wants a snack around ten so she doesn't wake up in the middle of the night STARVING. And, ice cream seems to hit the spot.

Anyway, I made it unusually chocolate-y.

Itsy LOVED it!

Or hated it. I'm not exactly sure. But about 15 minutes after she ate it, we could SEE the baby kicking from the OUTSIDE of her stomach. An overused metaphor, for sure, but it was certainly like Alien.

I once read a short story (long before I contemplated family-hood) about a guy laying next to his VERY pregnant wife one evening toward the end of their pregnancy. Essentially, the story was about this moment that the soon-to-be dad was having with his child while the soon-to-be mother was sleeping. He was savoring the last moments he would have with the baby still in her belly, feeling it kick. The baby got quiet and he was recognizing that those moments would be coming to an end. Knowing that Indian food would generate a response, the short story ended with the dad contemplating take-out Indian.

I can't find the story now, but would LOVE to see it again.

His Indian is my chocolate!


Robin said...

What's your due date? I think it might be close to ours.

giddings said...

December 12th!

just sayin' said...

Ah, a good season for snuggling. My mom explained my love for swimming by relating it to her final months of pregnancy spent in the bath tub. It was pre air conditioning in the south in the 50's. I was born on september 1.

Good luck to you all.