Friday, August 05, 2005

Snow Day

We're having a slow day today.

The FYO had a fever last night and, being that her favorite song is "Snow Day" by Bleu, we pretended that it is a snow day in August and are hunkering down in the basement watching Alice in Wonderland.

We always learn about the fevers after-the-fact. Last night we were at dinner with some friends and their 3YO, whom the FYO adores, and she was just not herself. She fell asleep in the car on the way over, and then kept slouching in the dinner booth. Slouching over even with my new birthday Star Wars action figures laid out on the table for all to enjoy! Sleepy eyes even after her favorite special crunchy spring rolls arrived!?!

But still, we pushed her. I mean, hell, we were out in the first place. But secondly we kept pushing:

Sit up!

Eat your dinner!

Don't spill!

Ugh. Obviously we needed hammers on our heads to realize she was "98.6 and rising down by Boulder down that day."

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