Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Differential Treatment

Its funny. Lately both BioMom and I have noticed how people (particularly lesbians) are treating she and I differently with regard to Itsy (our name for the baby-in-utero borrowed from a colleague of mine).

Specifically, they see the baby as my first, and her second, which, strictly speaking, is true. But feels far from the facts.

Here are some excerpts from a recent conversation at the park:

Her: So, what are your feelings about becoming a MOM? (Emphasis hers).

Me, confused: Oh, you know. We're starting to stress out a little about the LOGISTICS of it all. (Emphasis mine. At the time). Our life is just so EASY now. We can just drop of the [FYO] at a friend's if we need to go out. We can easily pick up [the FYO] and [Sidekick] in our car. With both of our new babies [Sidekick's parents are adopting from China) we're thinking of *gasp* a different kind of car!

But that's not what she meant. And BioMom noticed it too. Its just so strange that they don't see me as a parent NOW and that having the baby would make all the difference.

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Anonymous said...

It won't make you love the new baby anymore than FYO, but there isn't anything quite like being there through the whole thing...pregnancy through the sleepless newborn nights. BTW, has going thru this with BioMom made you think about becoming pregnant yourself? Feeling the baby moving inside you is the coolest thing, and I don't think you can ever completely imagine what it feels like until you feel it yourself.