Monday, December 12, 2005

A FYO's Concerns

Last night BioMom and ZeYo stayed in the hospital while the FoYo (modified FYO) and I were back at home.

It was hard for both of us to be away from them, but it was good to be home. We decided that the grandparent's drive to get FoYo to school at 7:55 was too much to ask, and maybe I could get a good night's sleep to prepare for their arrival home.

While FoYo and slept great--until almost 7a.m.-- ZeYo and BioMom had a hard night, learning each other's habits, without much help.

In the morning FoYo crawled into bed and started asking questions.

Where will he be when we go do the fun things we do?

Well, he'll be with us.

How? He can't DO anything. How will he do that?

Well, you know that bucket thing? we'll take it with us.

What if he doesn't like to do the things we do?

Don't worry. He will.

But, what if he doesn't?

[FoYo]. How could ANYONE not like Matt's?

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