Friday, December 16, 2005

One Week Old

Grandma and Grandpa have been amazing to us this week. On Tuesday, for example, I had to be out of the house and take the FYO to her dance lessons. We were all pretty exhausted, but BioMom and I thought we could handle it. About five minutes before I was to leave, the grandparents were suddenly "in the neighborhood" wondering if BioMom and ZeYo wanted a little "company."

They live 45 minutes away. How lovely is that?

Last night they came over for dinner and, get this, organized our miscellaneous socks.

They literally could not be more helpful.

Here's grandma's response to the little guy:

Doesn't it just feel like he's always been in the family? It feels like we've known him for a long, long time.


thistles said...

He looks so.....I am beyond words. Cute just doesn't describe it. And I LOVE that one of the FYO holding him.

giddings said...

Thanks Thistles-- oh, btw, I tried to sign up for a Christmas card on your site but was unable. Can I still sign up?

lez said...

What darling pics! Too cute!! Darlando!!


Wicked Stepmom said...

Congrats! He's as delicious as babies can get.

(From a 2nd-time Mommy to a 4 week old.)

Sfrajett said...

He's just beautiful. The best holiday present ever. And his grandmother's comment was so sweet and right on it made both gf and me teary.