Friday, December 30, 2005

The Little Voice Inside Her Head

The other night the FYO and I were alone at the dinner table and we had one of those rare moments where she wanted to really talk to me about something important to her.

She began, as she often does, in the middle of things.

When I'm around certain people, he tells me they're not nice.

Who tells you they're not nice?

The voice inside my head.

The voice inside your head is a man?


Oh. That's interesting.

Yeah. But, he tells me sometimes that nice people aren't nice. . . Like MRM#1.


Yeah. And I KNOW that he's nice.

Yeah. He IS nice. That must be confusing.

I am trying to ignore what he says about people.

You know, I don't think you should ignore that voice in your head. In fact, I try to trust that voice.

But what about MRM#1?

I know. That's a really strange one.

BioMom: Maybe the voice inside your head is telling you that sometimes MRM#1 is too nice. And maybe he lets you do things sometimes that you know you shouldn't be doing.

FYO: Yeah!

Blogauthor: I find the hardest thing is when the voice in my head conflicts with the vhoice in my heart.

FYO: I don't have a voice in my heart.

Sure you do!! Your heart-voice is one of the strongest I've ever seen!

FYO: smile.

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