Friday, January 14, 2005

Banana Fana Fo Fana Fee Fi Mo Mana

BioMom talked to a psychologist friend yesterday about the name game that the Four-Year-Old is playing, calling her by "Realname" instead of "Mom".

As is usually the case, she thinks we're over-thinking it all and that the FYO is not that complicated. In other words, she is probably not doing it to protect me or whatever.

She hypothesized that maybe it was just to complicated; when she'd call me "mom" and I would wonder who she was talking to.

More likely though, she's just experimenting with what to call anyone. This rings more true as she often demands that we call her different names.

Call me Mia!

God forbid you slip up in those cases.

NO! CALL ME MIA (in raised voice)!!

What she did say though, was not to correct her. BioMom can have and express her own preferences, but to leave it at that. Don't try to change her, correct her, or manipulate her.

I don't think we do enough of that as adults: respecting kids for the people that they are.

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