Monday, January 17, 2005

Is it really necessary?

I am currently at the airport. (The next time any of you hear me complaining about my job, poke me as I'm on my way to Budapest for *work*).

What is ridiculous is that at this very moment, from my perspective, i can see two television sets and no less than 15 people on their laptops. As I write, my cellphone rang (BioMom) and. . .

I am blogging.


Anyway, just a few wrap-ups before what might be a brief hiatus (to Cousin's dismay). (Its not that I won't have access to the Internet--obviously--its just that I'm meeting my next-door-neighbor from grad school for a conference and, sans kid and partner, there is sure to be some debauchery involved in the next few days which may limit the *ahem* creative flow).

Wrapup #1: Aunt-On-Mom's side claims to not be able to remember either of her two daughters ever calling her anything but "Realname."

Wrapup #2: Cousin thinks we're thinking too much.

We had dinner at a kitchy pizza place last night with Fo4, Mo4, 2o4, 3o4 and 4o4 (all but 1o4). As a result, expect future posts on the following:

1. familial outsourcing

2. expectations around chores

3. allowances

Over and out from the states.

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