Friday, January 28, 2005

Officially Back with More Mundane Observations!

O.k. I'm officially:
a) no longer jet-lagged and,
b) finished with my first week of school so

back to blogging my unique-but-mundane observations of every day life!!!

This morning The Four-Year-Old crawled into bed with BioMom and I with her usual:

Is it a schoolday? Can I watch cartoons?

We don't let her watch t.v. during the week and since she hasn't yet graduated to the cognitive development stage in which we understand chronology of monday through friday, she asks this every day.

Or, maybe she understands the week but asks in the hopes of wearing us down. This is probably more likely, and, clearly, has greater possibility for her.

Anyway, I've been noticing just how big she's gotten lately. She's really a kid now. Since her last birthday (3/4 of a year ago) she has grown more than 2 inches and with her current obvious increase in caloric intake, it seems that she may be attempting another inch before her next. So when she hopped in bed this morning, I said (with an audible ting of nostalgia):

Wow! Here's our soon-to-be kindergartener!

She responds: Well, do you wanna hear the good news about that?

What? (Thinking: How could there possibly be good news about that?)

Well, I'm on my way to living my own life!

My internal response: !!!!!!. . . . "own life?"

I am so shocked by this that I move into my own protective blanket of intellectual speak.

What do you mean? Aren't you already living your "own life?"

Pause. No response from the FYO.

I mean, when you were a baby and in your crib you had to cry out and we had to come get you out of your crib. Now you just get up when you please. That's living your own life, isn't it?

She didn't buy it. I get more intellectual.

This seems awfully Catholic of you. Why the discrete changes? I mean isn't this already "your life"? Isn't life continuous?

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