Friday, January 28, 2005

The Four Year Old's Story

The following transcript was found among a pile of sent-home materials created at Montessori school.

This is to say that it was not pointed out to us particularly by either the Four-Year-Old or her teacher. And, having said that, it could have just as easily gone unnoticed.

It is written on large-lined (even with the little dashes in the middel to help with lower-case letters) off-white 9'' x 12'' paper. It has a cartoonish picture at the top drawn in pencil of the FYO's version of a woman in a dress and her cat (you should see it!).

There was an old princess that couldn't go anywhere.

Except not when she sang.

But no one heard her.

The end.

So many questions.

How "old" is the princess? I mean, if she's really old, then why is she still a princess? And why couldn't she go anywhere? Was Queen Mum just a huge bitch? (And if so, then what does that imply for BioMom and I?). Why did singing make all the difference? And, of course, why did no one hear her? Was it like clapping hands in the forest? Was she doomed to innertness?

Gotta save this one for her future therapy sessions.

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