Monday, November 13, 2006

The Cat Came Back

Tonight Big and I were reading Yummy Yucky (as in "Blueberries are YUMMY, blue crayons are YUCKY"), and I SWEAR, that when I asked him "Where's the kitty?", he moved his hand in a somewhat less-than-vague way toward the picture on the last page where there was a picture of a cat pooping in a litter box (under "Yucky").

Of course his big fist covered about a third of the pictures on the page, but he was in the correct quadrant!

Oh and, of course, that corner of the book was conspicuously close to his bottle of delicious nectar, which was sitting on a nearby table.

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Anonymous said...

The Niblet has that book and LOVES it. I can also recommend the sequelae QUIET LOUD and BIG LITTLE