Monday, November 27, 2006

The Sage

The boy and I were out-and-about today, running errands and such.

On the advice of a local friend, we went to JC Pennys to make an appointment for Big's one year picture (and a retake of our SOY's 'first-grade-grin' which she chose to hide with closed lips for her school picture to our great dissapointment).

I was maneuvering the stroller into the elevator when an older guy, sitting on a chair near the elevator, apparently waiting for no one said:

I see you got lucky there.

It was one of those moments that sort of take your breath away. We were doing such an every-day-humdrum sort of activity. Nothing special whatsoever. I move through the world invisibly about 99.9% of the time. Of course, Big changes that a little (as all babies do for the lucky people around them who bask in all of their sunshine-y glory), but for the most part, we go through the world relatively unnoticed.

I literally wheeled Big around, kind of gasping at this reminder of what is true and good in my life, and, nodding emphatically, I grinned back at the Sage:

I sure did.


Polly P said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

allie said...

You definately got lucky, but so did Big. I wish there were more sages in the world.