Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Desperately Needed Lessons in Civility

I just received this email:

i would like to have a meeting about my scheudle for next semester either next monday the 27th or tuesday the 28th. I have classes on monday's from 10 until 2 and on tuesdays at 10-11 and 12:40 - 2. if i could meet you at any time other than this i would appreciate it.

I responded with this email:

Hi [Student-For-Whom-Commonplace-Civility-Has-Gone-By-The-Wayside] --

I am on leave this year and am, therefore, unable to advise students. Please contact the Dean's office to be reassigned a new advisor.

Good luck,

P.S. In the future, when addressing professors, etc. I would suggest writing emails more carefully. For example, using capital letters where necessary (such as for the pronoun "I" instead of "i") and having a salutation such as "Dear Dr. So-and-so" and "Sincerely, So-and-so". These simple actions will make you seem much more civil and will encourage professors to write you back and address your need.


MaMaMia said...

Hey there!

I finally started a blog!

Gretch said...

There's really nothing quite like emails from students, is there?

I believe all teaching faculty should be instructed to maintain a running list of the never-ending, horrifyingly amusing, and otherwise obnoxious emails accrued throughout one's teaching career - purely for entertainment purposes later in life.