Friday, November 17, 2006

The Intervention

This morning I held an intervention with the SYO regarding her eating habits after I opened her lunch box only to find the following remains from yesterday's lunch:

a) an entire, uneaten sandwich,
b) her milk container (a small Superman thermos) which, when shaken, revealed that the milk inside had not been consumed,
c) an unopened container of applesauce
d) a Skittles wrapper.

So, you only ate candy for lunch yesterday?


From the contents of your lunchbox, I can see that yesterday, for lunch, you ate only candy. . . You know that that is unacceptable, don't you? Do you realize that that signals to me that I should not put candy in your lunchbox?

Um. . .

You need to eat more healthily! Your meal should have some protein (like the lunchmeat in your sandwhich), some grains (like in the bread or a granola bar) and some fruit and vegetables!


I had ventured away from our regular 7-grain Healthy Choice bread to some organic white bread from Trader Joe's that did, in fact, feel like a hocky puck.


This, too, was from Trader Joe's. A healthier, turkey version of her beloved bologna.

Well, it's all I got, Sweetie. When I open a restaurant, you'll have your choice.

She, exasperated: When will THAT be?

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