Monday, November 13, 2006

Parent Hacks

Taggert over at A Random Walk, hooked me on to this blog, Parent Hacks: a collaborative weblog of practical parenting wisdom, which I now have on my blogroll under "resources."

One of their recent post will be quite helpful in the near future I'm sure: "Tell Strong-Willed Toddlers What They Should Do."

And no, they don't go on to say "Tell them to go straight to H. E. Double Toothpicks!"

I've already found myself following their advice as Big tortures our annoyed-but-too-lazy-to-move octogenarian felines: Gentle [Big], gentle!

This said while I pet him the way I want him to pet them.

See? Gentle!


Polly P said...

Thanks! Am now going to peruse it regularly. Here's another site, up the same alley. The Berkeley Parents' Network began in 1993 as a campus-based, web-based listserve thingie, and has evolved into a very wide-ranging pool of collective wisdom for parents in the Bay Area and beyond. Many categories have to do with Bay Area- or even Berkeley area-specific resources, but a huge number are open-ended parenting advice. Kinda low-tech, no production values, but a great resource.

giddings said...

Thanks Polly P!
That's a great site.