Tuesday, March 27, 2007

In Good Company

Both Alison Bechdel and LesbianDad recently lost their pets.

Here is LesbianDad's moving post about her loss. In her blog she referencs another moving post by Chris Clarke about the death of his dog Zeke.

Here is Alison's post about her beloved, Julia. Here is an episode from her comic strip, Dykes To Watch Out For, where Mo loses one of her kitties and in another strip there's a reference to "Vanessa" (Mo's cat that passed). Mo is "worried about Virginia. [She] think[s] maybe it's not so much that she misses Vanessa, but that she's feeling survivor's guilt."

Her academician partner, Sydney, responds: "Mo, she probably has a hairball. I hate it when you anthropomorphize."

I thought I noticed Hazel walking through the house yesterday looking for Emma.

Now I think she was just looking for food.

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