Tuesday, March 06, 2007

White Trash

So, the other day we were out to lunch at this incredible Indian place that happened to be near to Costco which we had just joined because Big is eating us out of house and home. We were beginning to consider tithing to our local up-scale grocer as Big's preference for the $4.99/pack of blueberries (which he would eat almost entirely in one setting) made itself known, when someone said "Hey! Join Costco!"

Anyway, at lunch they had these white paper table cloths over the entire table which Big immediately began to tear and rip as soon as his pudgy little fingers could it. BioMom and I exchanged a look before I simply tore away all portions of the "cloth" within his reach. When she got back with his selections from the buffet, I proceeded to pour it on the table as a preventative gesture to save him from tossing the plate to the floor.

The SYO turned to me and said something to the effect of that being "So White Trash!"

Me: What?????? What did you say?

We have MRM#1 to thank for the lovely addition to her vernacular.

What is simultaneously incredible and frustrating about her is that she actually understood the context and used the term correctly. In her explanation, she said that putting food on the table in such a "fancy restaurant" was inappropriate (unfortunatley, she did not extend that analysis to herself in terms of a) not putting her elbows on the table, b) chewing with her mouth closed and c) not using her fingers to eat the yogurt dip).

What she doesn't understand is the time and place for such "humor" as it was presented by MRM#1.

She's lucky that Donald Trump wasn't in the room at the time. On this week's episode of The Apprentice (yes, it is actually a show that I watch) he fired someone for referring to himself as "White Trash" saying that he wouldn't want anyone who thought of themselves that way working for him.

Fortunately for Six, the Union of OurSpawn prevents firing at will. At least until they're 18.

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