Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Overheard in Minneapolis Part III

A boy in Seven's first-grade class told his mom that "[Seven]'s mom likes sports."

I think you might know where I'm going here.

"Which one?" She asked.

"Which one what?" Said he.

"Which one of [Seven]'s moms?"

This, apparently, led to an entire conversation about how one goes about acquiring two Moms.

Or, what I will come call it, the "Bizarro Birds And Bees" conversation (or "Triple-B C" for short).

This mom, a friend of ours, is currently expecting, after conquering some fertility issues, so she had a leg on which to stand in the conversation as they, too, "went to the doctor who helped them get a baby in her stomach."

Apparently she avoided the extra step we needed to take that involved the Internet and a credit card.

I'm worried, though, that Seven might get a whiff of the details from this newly-informed friend. She literally, has not asked us any of the relevant details of the "Triple-B C." Not even as BioMom's belly swelled with the weight of her impending brother.

And it's not that she's unaware of at least some of the details. She gets the whole "seed-egg" thing. She just seems unconcerned with the relevant details.

I guess I can conclude that she's just not a detail-oriented person, her mind focuses on the forest, not the trees.

She does, however, make illogical genetic conclusions on a regular basis. Big's and BioMom's eyes are blue, Seven's and mine are brown-ish, so she assumes that's from me. Or the fact that both BioMom and I sport glasses leads her to believe that both she and Big will also need them some time in the future.

I can just imagine her taking her genetics pre-req at the University and getting to the whole "big-B/littleB" thing when the lightbulb goes off.

Although. . . with my Dad having had blue eyes, and my Mom having had brown, it is not impossible that, combining with BioMom's baby blues, that we could have had, in theory a brown AND a blue eyed kid....

If we can just skip over the logistical details....

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