Sunday, March 25, 2007

So Long Sweet One, See You in the Next Go-Around

March ? 1991 - March 25, 2007

Ready or not, life with a toddler and a primary-schooler goes on in its whirl-o-wheel fashion.

In the words of Kahlil Gibran, "[f]or life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday."

Today, and I expect tomorrow at least, I won't be quite ready.

We had to put my long-time companion, Emma, down today.

Today, I am struck, again, by those inordinately powerful discrete moments of life and death. One moment, Itsy was in BioMom's belly, and then next, Big was a new individual entity that altered our lifes forever.

I am similarly struck by how my life has again taken a right-turn today, moving on without her.

Below find a few notes from our extremely empathetic, Seven and her pal, 4of4.

Thank you both, for giving me some love and perspective.

[Note a few things in the pictures, the tears in the "Emma, the end" and the sticker with the note "come back."]


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is so, so hard! Whenever I've had to say bye to a dear animal friend, I'm always painfully reminded a. how much space the fill in your life, your heart, b. how the world does indeed continue spinning as if nothing happened, and c. how they teach me about love.

After our previous cat died, a good friend sent us this children's book: The Tenth Good Thing About Barney (Paperback)by Judith Viorst (Author), Erik Blegvad Illustrator)

Thinking of you,

She who was named after an elf queen.

Taggert said...

So very sorry for your loss.

art-sweet said...

We just had a beloved cat die.

It's so awful. I keep looking for her in all her usual places and expecting her to jump up on the bed and cuddle with me when I go to sleep.

giddings said...

Thanks Elf-Queen, TJ, and Art-Sweet...

Art-Sweet, it looks like our kitties passed on the same day. I hope you're being as gentle with yourself as I am .