Friday, March 09, 2007

Irregular Newsletter: Month 15

Well, Big, you've come a long way, baby!

Now, according to the book "Your One Year Old", we're heading up the short-but-treacherous hill to 18 months.

You have begun, I must admit, to show signs of the tell-tale tantrums of the one-year-old. Although you're usually Steady-Eddy (given no impending tooth breakthrough), once in a while you turn into an angry tomato. The other night I was helping (then) Six with the piano. She, as of late, has been needing a bit more individual attention and this was the perfect night and event for that (or so I thought). I hooked you up with few books and some favorite toys and set out to work a bit on piano with Six.

You freaked.

You freak-freaked.

It was as though it was beyond your imagination that she and I would be focusing on something OTHER THAN YOU!

BioMom walked in to the home of the screaming banshee that night. Let's hope that is not a harbinger of the future.

Mastered Word List (i.e. things that you say that we a) recognize and that you b) say regularly in regard to that particular thing or event):

"Ball!" or "Bop!":

"Kitty": this is barely recognizably and, thus, probably shouldn't have made this list. It is also usually pronounced in an exaggerated whisper.

Various beginnings that end with "GEE": a reference to your sister

"Doo" or "Doo Doo": This was initially in reference to trains, but now is in reference to any vehicular object or any object with wheels

"Cow": actually in reference to cows. And no, we don't live on a farm. And also no, there is no "moo" where that came from.

And, according to Mof4, "Flower" and her son's name "CJ."

Notice the absence of any parental moniker.

Mastered Activities:
Eating with a spoon and fork (although "mastery" is a stretch and includes getting food all over yourself. But in a good way).
Poking sister in the belly-button (to my great horror) during their bath.
Making your parents melt with your darling two-bottom-toothed smile.

You have a penchant for at least two things:
Balls and anything long and sharp ranging from pencils to ski-poles. You would prefer any dangerous-looking object to any toy in the house.

We have gone ahead and scheduled that first hair cut for you, and a picture session prior to that hair cut to remember your long, luxurious mullet.

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