Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Bash

So I decided that I had no idea what to do with four or five little boys running around our house for a birthday party.

For Nine's fourth birthday (this was pre-blog, so I have no reference here for you), we had a bunch of girls come over dressed as princesses and they had a tea party. It was crazy but manageable.

Plus, he's only been at school for a few months so we don't really know anyone very well.

So we decided to have a little party at a local bowling alley (which, btw, was in the film Beautiful Girls) with some of our closest friends which, coincidentally, happen to be his closest friends too.

Also, with my friend E in mind--she once told me this was her favorite--I made a checkerboard cake! Of course, I am not a professional baker, and did not expect that a) the different mixes would not exactly MIX once I took out the staging device and b) I did not cut the layers to make them stack perfectly. The end-result looked a little like the sad little stump at the end of The Giving Tree once the boy had cut him down. Let's just say that the person that got that piece got more than they bargained for: a spear-like device attempting to hold it all together and A LOT of glue (i.e. frosting).

Check out these pictures of the festivities!

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mhs said...

The party sound so great! Wish I was there - I love making checkerboard cake! But i've never made a BATMAN one.