Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HSAs and Gay Marriage/wolf in lamb's clothing Revisited

So BioMom's firm is making a few changes about their health care and giving its workers some choices. We were considering an HSA which would allow us to put pre-tax money that we don't use in any given year toward a health savings account that we can use when we get old.

We knew that that plan had some discriminatory effects against GLBT couples (despite the fact that it allows glbt workers to put their domestic partners on the plan) such as, for example, allowing the savings part of the HSA to go only to the employed worker, not the unmarried partner.

One catch of the plan is that it had a $4000 deductible.

We had decided to go with the HSA this year until today when BioMom found out that any health expense of mine does NOT go toward the $4000 deductible. So, for example, were I to get into a car accident on January 2nd and we had not reached the $4000, we would essentially go bankrupt paying my health expenses out-of pocket.

This stuff infuriates me.

Now back to the gal (friend?) of mine who was against gay marriage.

And, frankly all of you out there who are against gay marriage.

I remain open to the fact that you and I may have different religious beliefs and I will give you the freedom to believe that marriage between two men or two women is against your beliefs (although I hate the argument that then that implies people will marry their pets, etc.).

But I can't stand the fact that you want to limit my rights as a hard-working, tax-paying, child-rearing citizen.

Now for the punchline: that "friend" of mine admitted to me a few weeks ago that she has had no less than two affairs.


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