Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Happy Birthday Big!

I won't see you today because I am snowed in at work. They have basically closed the state of Wisconsin, so I, sadly, can't get home.

But I am fondly remembering four years ago this day.

This is the first year you are in school and we were notified that you could bring a little treat or something if you wanted. So, I asked you what you would like to bring to school for your birthday.

You got very excited and started to describe something. Something "round" with "spicy stuff" on top.

Nine immediately interpreted: cinnamon rolls.

"Do they have frosting on top?"


"Is it sweet?"


And on went our interrogation.

BioMom brought up a picture of cinnamon rolls on her computer, to which you announced that that was not, in fact, what you were talking about.

The next day, BioMom got out of you that what you were describing had purple and green on it as well.


Then she got you to say that the item was round -- "like a ball."

Ahhhhh! Donut holes!! What kind of parents are we that our four year old son has no language for a "donut hole"!?!

The purple and green must have been for a birthday on or around the Packer/Vikings game.

So off you went today, donut holes in hand.

Happy Birthday!!!

Here are a few pictures from over the years as you have changed and grown.


Brigindo said...

Happy Birthday Big!

Hope you get home to him soon.

giddings said...

Thanks (from me and Big!)! The university has closed for only the second time in history!!!