Sunday, December 12, 2004

Attack of the Chlomid Monster

The Chlomid Monster must have snuck down our chimney the other night as I left the flue open.

BioMom was so upset yesterday to find that, obviously, the Chlomid Monster had hidden her Vikings tickets for today's annual outing with her dad. She called him, sobbing, to tell him how irresponsible she was etc. etc. He says Don't sweat the small stuff. Why are you so upset? And BioMom hears her mom in the background Christ! They're just tickets!!! The game is on tv!!

Then, the Four-Year-Old, having had a bachelorette day with me while BioMom is at said game (Polar Express and a mall to do some Christmas shopping and other all-round consumption activities), completely melted down after her pink baloon rabbit unravelled into what I called a "large-eared-snake" (which didn't help matters). On the way out, she kept asking me to put the now quite long baloon into a bag.

Hide it!!

She pleaded.


Someone might see it and laugh at me.

She was literally concerned that someone (anyone!) would see her with the pink baloon, recognize that it had been a rabbit, and that it was now not, clearly a rabbit, and think less of her.


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