Friday, December 10, 2004

The Four Year Old's FFFN Idea

Here is even more evidence that GLBT couples aren't much different than any other couples. As it turns out, today is BioMom and I's anniversary.

Of course, the shit that I am, I forgot.

And I am usually somewhat of a romantic.

I woke up to a sweet present delivered by the Four-Year-Old to my bedside and a reminder of what day it was.

So, her FFFN idea was actually an idea for our anniversary (ever the entrepreneur, she naturally inquired as to what sort of presents kids get on their parent's anniversaries). Her idea was to "do everything" for us today!

As it turns out, "everything" is everything she should normally do; get dressed, make her own frozen waffle, get on her own shoes and coat. You know, generally keep track of herself. (Keeping her pants dry is probably asking too much).

But hell, I'll take what i can get.

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