Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Shower To Shower Each Day

Yesterday was an auspicious occasion in our household. The Four-Year-Old decided it was time to take her first morning shower!

This whole growing-up business is bittersweet. On one hand, her increasing independence leaves us with less responsibility. On the other hand, her increasing independence takes her away from us.

Once in the shower, Four-Year-Old says to BioMom

Where's all the product?

BioMom: What product? Here's the soap, here's the shampoo!

Until she realized what Four-Year-Old was referring to.

Oh, you mean like in HFRM1's bathroom! You'll have to go there for all that product!!!

Its true, HFRM1's bath is overflowing with product for every nook and cranny of one's body. Apparently Four-Year-Old and HFRM1 have a beauty routine in which the Four-Year-Old requires the use of each and every product.

On a rare moment of freedom from our daily responsibilities, HFRM1 and I found ourselves acquiescing to complete abandon yesterday with margaritas and Chili Con Queso dip in the *gasp* middle of the afternoon.

She splurged and got Four-Year-Old myriad beauty products for the shower.

The kid will freak.

We drove white knucked to pick Four-Year-Old up at, exactly 5:29, holding our breath in front of the teacher out of shame for our day's indiscretions.

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