Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Cousin, It's Your Birthday, TODAY!

Every year for her birthday, Cousin's mom (who, incidently, she called by her first name, which is good news for the FYO and BioMom since they turned out relatively* normal) played one of those bendable 45-speed cereal box records for her. If I remember correctly, it was some space-dude who sang "[Cousin's name], it's your birthday . . . TODAY!"

I expect she'll even come home from work today to find that song on her message machine.

What is even cooler about the story is that Cousin's Mother-In-Law played the same record (but not with Cousin's name) for Cousin's husband for his birthday each year!

Happy Birthday, Cousin. Glad you've finally caught up with me (for at least another five months).

*I say relatively because they also have these wacky pet-names for each other as well. Often, I'll hear Cousin greet her mom with a "Hi Lez!" And let's just say that her mom's name is not 'Leslie.'I absolutely die over this. I "rolled in the aisles. [lauging] so hard [my] sides ache and [my] heart [goes] pitter pat." Thanks to Cut-rate Parisite for the tangible description of this sort of laugher.

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Anonymous said...

I did indeed play "Jackie, it's your Birthday" on her ans machine and it will be there waiting for her when she gets home. I supposed she never told you the first time we played it for her, she threw a tantrum!! Yes - foot-stomping, red-faced, screaming tantrum!! I think we just kept on playing it in spite of Kelly begging me to turn it off. It is indeed a wonder any of them turned out even semi-normal.