Thursday, March 24, 2005

Match Dot Com

Cousin and Number 2 are here!!!!!!

We're reverting back to our explorer days when we first started enjoying the internet and all of its chat-room glory.

We're making up fake names and checking out all of the *ahem* possibilities.

So far, her number2 ("lulu") will surely be getting many winks from various suitors.

BioMom, the FYO, and Number2 are tucked into their beds with care and we're down here downing our second bottle of wine and, well, enjoying technology!

It all started with Dooce's revalation of her so-called Lanced Cyst, and then we went on an exploration of HFRM's Size 15s, then, on to our mutual friend who is obviously gay but doesn't really want to admit it yet "dates" married men on the side's advertisement (for men, by the way).

We'll be posting about our weekend of debauchery tomorrow (from the Bryant Lake Bowl).

Until then.

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