Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Mother Drive-By

Via Dooce and Making Light I was lead to Chez Miscarriage's discussion of The Mother Drive-By:

As I read through your voluminous tomes, my eyes riveted to the screen, I began to notice a pattern. A theme, if you will. A leitmotif, which was this: apparently, other mothers frequently say crappy things to you about your mothering. (Chez Miscarriage, Feb 20, 2005).

According to Making Light, Chez Miscarriage had recieved "127 comments plus hundreds of e-mails" on just her initial post.

Are there any of my readers who have experienced the Mother Drive-By? Do lesbian mothers experience unique Mother Drive-By's?

BioMom and I get Mother Drive-By's from fellow lesbian parents regularly. Recently BioMom was taking the FYO to a skating party. I was out of town and the only one who knew the location of the skates so, after tearing the house apart, they decided to go anyway (to the FYO's utter chagrin). The get to the park and fellow lesbian parent shrieks:

You don't have skates for that girl?

As if we would somehow be abusive parents because we have not yet acquainted her to the merits of skating thereby ruining all possibilities for an olympic gold.

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