Thursday, March 10, 2005

Disproportionate Karmic Justice?

It's midterm time!

Yeah, O.k., I'm that mean professor that gives a big exam on the day before Spring Break.

Its not that I'm trying to be particularly malicious, its just that its week 7, the middle of the term, and if I had given them the exam last week well, what would we even do this week?

Anyway, I can't stand the mundanity of policing cheaters. They're adults. And, hell, what can I do if they cheat anyway? My english professor friend at George Mason got into this huge lawsuit because she caught someone cheating, reported it, and then it turned into this huge he said/she said bullshit that I'm just not up for.

So my strategy is this:

At the start of an exam I announce that its their choice, but that cheating will invoke huge karmic reverberations. Not an eye-for-an-eye sort of reverberation but a DISPROPORTIONATE reverberation that will make the simple life they know now into a living hell.

What's the karmic justice?

If they cheat on this exam, then I predict that their current or future partners will cheat on them!

They all react loudly to this in horror:


Okay, okay I say. Maybe that won't happen. Maybe you'll cheat and then later just trip on a curb or something. But, you NEVER KNOW.

One student, earlier today, in resonse to this asked if I'd feel guilty if anyone of them got into a car accident over spring break.

At least I'd know who was cheating!

In any case, drive carefully please.

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