Thursday, March 03, 2005

Would You Jump Off A Bridge if Your Friend Was Doing It?

The other day 4of4 was over playing with the FYO.

I was working and BioMom was relaxing a bit and we were taking advantage of them off together playing. Not paying attention to what should have been a deafening silence.

When we got around to rounding them up for the next event of the day, they were curiously behind a closed door and unwilling to come out.

When we finally negotiated the door open, we found that they had been creating a very liquid concoction that consisted mainly of cat food and which was now all over their clothes and had seeped through the guest-room quilt, sheets, and mattress.

(exasperated) What happened here?

(panicked) It was 4of4's idea!!!!

You've made a huge mess! Do you think it was a good idea? Why didn't you do it in the bathroom or something?

No but it was 4of4's idea!!!

What if 4of4 jumped off a bridge, would you follow her?

But that's different! That's dangerous!!!

She definitely had a point. The only potentially dangerous consequence from their actions was dirty laundry and since she doesn't do the laundry, well . . .

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