Friday, October 06, 2006

Amber Davis' Photography

After a bit of blog-surfing beginning with, I stumbled across Amber Davis' family portraits.

They are really interesting.

Here is an exerpt of her "Artist Statement":

Through photography and representation I investigate the possibilities for contemporary families to construct gender, sexual and class identities beyond the postindustrial traditions of the nuclear family. For eight years I have placed my gay and straight-parented homes at the center of my inquiries into the familial gaze and modern representation of family in visual culture.

My parents are the product of the post 1960s sexual, feminist and gay movements and the 80’s AIDS epidemic - a web of cultural vantage points that have informed personal and political notions of sexual identity, family and community. This multiplicity of subjective locations informs my process of research and image-making. My work challenges the portraiture and documentary cannon and family photographic practices and traditions with a visual critique drawn from contested theories of gender, identity and class.

. . .

Unexpectedly, so far in this body of work, economic conditions such as class, more so than gender, have emerged as a defining family social structure.

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