Monday, October 09, 2006

Irregular Newsletter: 10 Months

Well Mr. Big, you're 10 months old today.

Cousin and I went to a friend's wedding this past weekend (my second in a row without you, sadly) and we saw many, many babies that I regularly made minor bets with cousin regarding their age relative to yours. Invariably, the smaller, tamer, younger-looking ones were 11, 12 even 14 months to your steadfast 10.

Your personality is beginning to glow through, young man. You are, in a word or two, the strong, sensitive type.

That is being somewhat generous.

Essentially you want to play rough, but the slightest infraction makes you scream in a way that we expect you've had a lung removed. Or at least in need of stitches or a cast.

This is in complete contrast to your Lucile Ball-like sister who would pop up from extraordinary spills "I'm okay! I'm Okay!"

You are still attempting, unsuccessfully, to walk. The good thing, though, is that you don't seem near as frustrated with this inability as you did prior to crawling. This makes your attempts all that more tolerable.

BioMom just noticed a habit you've developed when we lay you down in your crib. You search around for some 'lovey' -- a little blankie or teddy -- on which to lay your head before you settle in for your (now extremely regular) full night's sleep.

You have five teeth and continue to eat nearly anything. The other day BioMom and I were lunching at Big Bowl, sharing a plate of their Panang Red Curry. Shortly into the meal you had plowed through the carefully culled sauceless fried rice. Rather than order a separate bowl for you to supplement, we became less careful about sheilding you from the curried rice and vegetables. You loved it. I think we ended up essentially splitting the meal into thirds.

Tomorrow you and I are going to the first meeting of a "progressive play group" that I organized in order to get out and develop some friends (for you and me). I can't wait.

In addition to this, you and I take swimming lessons one morning a week. Although you are sometimes way overdue for your morning nap, you can't hide the glee in your eyes when we sing "the horn on the bus goes SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH"!

These 10 months have flown.

I am beginning to explore part-time work with the knowledge and anticipation that leaving you to go back to work full time will be excruciating.

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