Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Snarky Kids

The SYO is developing her sense of humor while Big is developing his sense of self.

Today, the SYO had only a half day of school, so she is enjoying having a friend over. Big, in desperate need of a nap, decided that he'd rather stay up and play with the big kids. I gave him a bottle and put him in his stall for his nap, then headed downstairs to check on the girls.

In the kitchen, directly below the kids' room, I began to hear a dramatic THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!

Maybe we need one of those webcams, but I suspect he was rocking his crib!

At one point, I heard a THUMP and then his wailing, so I ran upstairs to see what had transpired. As soon as he saw me, he smiled in his snarky little way as if to say "Ha! Ha! I got you to come up here!!!"

The SYO, on the other hand, is developing her own sense of humor. At lunch the other day, she told us that they had selected the characters for the Christmas play at school (the first graders are the "stars" so to speak, and the sought-after character among the girls is "Mary." We have no idea how each character is selected.). She had a whole story about how a girl in her class named "Mary" got selected to BE Mary because of her name (I'm not sure if she caught BioMom and I's somewhat dissapointed glances at each other, but I suspect she did or that she understands fully). She had a whole story about how she would play "Elizabeth"; who her husband was; what songs they would sing; and the outfit that she was going to wear.

At some point she told us, with her own version of the snarky grin, that all that wasn't true.

She had us fooled!

Oh, the other premature thing our little S-going-on-16 YO did recently: She looked me straight in the eye and asked if I was the tooth fairy.

What would you have done?


Anonymous said...

I'd have screamed, "Look, honey! Halley's Comet!" while pointing manically in the direction of the nearest window. If that didn't work, I'd scoop her up and haul her, semi-horizontal with arm around her waist, to the freezer hoping there was some ice cream there I could give her. You know, to celebrate the return of the Comet. Or something.


giddings said...

The question was posed again while we were piling into the car today so I tried your advice.

SYO: Are you the tooth fairy?

Me: LOOK! Halley's Comet!!!

SYO, for the entire next 20 minute car ride -- curses to you, Polly P!: What? Where? What is Halley's Comet! I NEVER get to see anything like that. Something RARE! What is it? Why don't I EVER get to see anything rare? Nothing good EVER happens to me! I NEVER see anything like that. What was it? What did it look like. What is a comet anyway? I NEVER SEE ANYTHING!

At least she got distracted from the tooth fairy.